How do I make my email signature smaller on my iPhone?

How do I make my email signature smaller on my iPhone?

Go to Mail->Preferences->Signatures, select the text and press command-minus to reduce the font size.

How do I reduce the size of my email signature?

How to Reduce Your Email Signature Size

  1. Compress All Images – This is one of the most important points to note when trying to reduce your email signature size.
  2. Use Small Images – One of the best ways to dramatically drop the size of your email signature is to simply use smaller images, in terms of resolution.

How do I resize an image for email signature?

Click on Image > Image Size. In the Resolution field, enter the new DPI value that you want to use (96 DPI for Outlook or 72 DPI for Apple Mail) and ensure that the measurement is set to “Pixels/Inch”. Also, ensure that Resample: Automatic is ticked. Save your image and use it in your email signature.

How do I change the font size on my email signature?

To specify the font and size , select the text you want to change and go to “Format > Font” from the menubar or adjust the font and size in the menu bar above the editor. To plug in the RGB color formulas, select the text you want to change and click the font color drop-down in the menu bar above the editor.

How do I resize my signature?

Resizing an existing electronic signature file or logo file to be in the appropriate dimensions:

  1. Open Microsoft Paint (do not open the signature or logo file)
  2. Click the Resize button.
  3. Mark the option to resize the blank area by “pixels” and unmark the check box to “Maintain aspect ratio”

What is a good image size for email signature?

300 to 400 pixels wide
Images such as a company logo, social media icons or display banners are integral to a professional signature design. The ideal email signature image size should be 300 to 400 pixels wide and 70 to 100 pixels high. If the image is a banner, we recommend a maximum height of 100 pixels.

What is the best file format for email signatures?

When exporting from Photoshop, the ideal file formats for email signatures are GIF or PNG. Avoid using JPEG files as they often generate artefacts through over compression. This is what causes ‘soft’ logos.

Can I add a signature to my iPhone email?

On the iPhone, open the Settings app. Swipe down and choose Mail. Swipe down and tap Signature. Type your new signature text (this can be done for all accounts or on a per account basis).

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