How do I set up Cloudflare DNS on Windows 10?

How do I set up Cloudflare DNS on Windows 10?

How to configure Cloudflare DNS service on router

  1. Open your web browser.
  2. Enter the IP address of your router and press Enter.
  3. Log in using your router username and password as required.
  4. Open the DNS server settings page.
  5. In the DNS settings section use these IPv4 addresses:
  6. Save your settings.
  7. Restart your browser.

How do I disable Cloudflare on Windows 10?

How To Disable CloudFlare – CloudFlare Guide

  1. Click the CloudFlare icon, located in the Domains section of your control panel.
  2. Scroll to the bottom of the page.
  3. Choose your domain name from the dropdown menu.
  4. Click the Disable button to disable CloudFlare.

How do I use DNS server 1.1 1.1 on my Windows 10 PC?

How to setup DNS server 1.1. 1.1 on Windows 10

  1. Open Control Panel from the Start menu.
  2. Go to Network and Internet.
  3. Go to Network and Sharing Center > Change Adapter Settings.
  4. Right-click your Wi-Fi network > go to Properties.
  5. Navigate to Internet Protocol Version 4 or Version 6 depending on your network configuration.

How do I use 1.1 1.1 on my PC?

Even if you’re a computer novice, pick your device below for an easy-to-follow setup guide.

  1. Open System Preferences.
  2. Search for DNS Servers and select it from the dropdown.
  3. Click the + button to add a DNS Server and enter
  4. Click + again and enter (This is for redundancy.)

How do I access my Cloudflare DNS?

To enable this on your device:

  1. Go to Settings → Network & internet → Advanced → Private DNS.
  2. Select the Private DNS provider hostname option.
  3. Enter and hit Save.
  4. Visit 1.1. 1.1/help (or 1.0. 0.1/help) to verify that “Using DNS over TLS (DoT)” shows as “Yes”.

How do I get rid of Cloudflare on my computer?

​iOS and Android

  1. Find the 1.1. 1.1 application on the home screen.
  2. Touch and hold on the application tile.
  3. Tap Remove App.
  4. Select Delete App.

How do I get rid of Cloudflare?

To cancel your Cloudflare Subscription, follow these easy steps:

  1. Log into your Cloudflare account.
  2. Go to your account profile in the top right corner.
  3. Select ‘Billing’ from the dropdown menu.
  4. Click ‘Subscriptions’ on the left hand bar.
  5. Click ‘Cancel’ next to your subscription.

Does 1.1 1.1 hide your IP?

Who can you trust? 1.1. In at least one important respect, both of these things don’t do something you might expect a VPN to do: 1.1. 1.1 with Warp doesn’t hide your IP address and Firefox Private Network doesn’t encrypt all of your network traffic.

How do I use Cloudflare DNS?

How to set up cloudflare’s dns server address?

Now click on Internet Protocol Version 4 > Properties > Use The Following DNS Server Addresses. Now use and to replace the current setting, now just click Ok and Close. That’s it! Open the System Preferences and search “DNS servers”, click the + symbol to add CloudFlare’s DNS.

Which is the fastest DNS resolver Cloudflare or Google?

While these services are known to be fast and reliable, Cloudflare’s is expected to be even faster and more secure. According to Cloudflare,’s average latency is around 14ms, making it the fastest DNS resolver everywhere (Google Public DNS latency average is 34ms).

How often does Cloudflare flush out DNS logs?

Alongside speed, Cloudflare is also touting greater privacy promising that users records will never be stored on disks, and it’ll flush out logs every 24 hours. In this Windows 10 guide, we’ll walk you through the steps to configure your router or computer to use the new super-fast and secure DNS resolver from Cloudflare.

Why is cloudflare dns more secure than IPv4?

Cloudflare DNS ipv6 benefits We said that CloudFlare’s DNS also provides two IPv6, for users who want to use those instead of the usual IPv4. IPv6 is actually more secure than IPv4 because CloudFlare uses the IPSec protocol, which contains many security protocols like AH, ESP, and IKE.

How to configure Android 1.1 to use cloudflare dns?

Follow these steps to configure your device to use Go to Settings > Network & internet > Advanced > Private DNS. Select the Private DNS provider hostname option. Enter or and hit Save.

What are the DNS IPS for

The IPv4 addresses that this new CloudFlare DNS uses are and Those IPs were provided to CloudFlare by the APNIC (that is the Asia-Pacific Network Information Centre). Is great that CloudFlare has launched its own public DNS, but how can you use it?

How many websites are served by Cloudflare CDN?

Its network serves more than 6 million websites, including heavyweights like Uber, OkCupid, and Mobile Nations. Between all of its services, Cloudflare has a huge infrastructure spread out around the globe — the closer its CDN servers are to your computer, the faster it can serve content to you.

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