Why is Cloudflare not redirecting?

Why is Cloudflare not redirecting?

The two typical causes of redirect loop errors are: Cloudflare SSL options that are incompatible with your origin web server’s configuration, and. Page Rule misconfiguration.

How long does it take for page rules to take effect Cloudflare?

Page rules take effect almost immediately. But cached items remain there until they expire. Thank you Sandro and Mark! 172.68.

What is a page rule?

You can define a page rule to trigger one or more actions whenever a certain URL pattern is matched. Page Rules are available in the Rules app, in the Page Rules tab.

How do I bypass Cloudflare cache?

In order to set-up a Page Rule

  1. Go to your CloudFlare dashboard and select Page Rules.
  2. Add a Page Rule which matches *yourdomain.com/*.html.
  3. Set cache level to bypass.
  4. Save and deploy.

How does Cloudflare know to cache?

Overview. Cloudflare automatically caches several static file extensions unless: your origin web server sends certain Cache-Control headers for your content, or. Cloudflare is instructed to cache additional content via a Cache Everything Page Rule.

What file types does Cloudflare cache?

Learn about the Cloudflare Content Delivery Network (CDN), how it operates, what content it caches by default, and how to customize your caching….Understand file extensions cached by default.

bmp eot
ejs jpg
jpeg pict
pdf svg
ps webp

Does Cloudflare cache MP4?

CloudFlare doesn’t allow caching or proxying MP4 files. Cloudflare allows the caching of MP3 and MP4 files, but they can’t be the main file type cached. Some is fine, just don’t saturate the network at a point where they know your free plan is constraint resources.

Does Cloudflare cache HTML?

Cloudflare does not cache HTML resources automatically. However, you can configure HTML caching through specific Cloudflare Page Rules settings.

How do I cache HTML in Cloudflare?

Cache Static HTML with Cloudflare Page Rules

  1. Log in to your Cloudflare account.
  2. Go to Rules > Page Rules and select Create Page Rule.
  3. Set the page rule to match your WordPress installation path.
  4. Select the appropriate settings to cache static HTML:
  5. Click Save and Deploy to finish.

Does Cloudflare cache zip files?

Yes, correct. That means Cloudflare will try to cache any content for 1 month, while it will tell client browsers to cache it for 1 day. That will cache everything, including every html page.

What is CF-cache-status?

The presence of cf-cache-status indicates that the site is using Cloudflare. The value of HIT indicates that this resource has been returned from Cloudflare’s cache. Selected on “www.cloudflare.com” in the resource list.

How do I check my CF cache status?

CF-Cache-Status. “CF-Cache-Status” is found in the response header when a resource is cached on Cloudflare’s CDN. This tool uses PHP’s get_headers function to fetch the header information for a resource, looks for the CF-Cache-Status in the response, and then reports on what is found. Enter any URL above to test.

How do you fix a serve static assets with an efficient cache policy?

To serve statics assets with an efficient cache policy using LiteSpeed Cache, go to LiteSpeed Cache Settings > Browser. Enable browser cache and the browser cache TTL should be left as default (31557600 seconds). If you still see errors, check if your host or CDN is overriding this.

What should the cache control be set to for all the static assets?

The max-age directive tells the browser how long it should cache the resource in seconds. This example sets the duration to 31536000 , which corresponds to 1 year: 60 seconds × 60 minutes × 24 hours × 365 days = 31536000 seconds. When possible, cache immutable static assets for a long time, such as a year or longer.

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